Gomez Construction Company (GCC)
Who We Are

About Gomez Construction

Since our inception more than 40 years ago, Gomez Construction Company (GCC) has grown steadily to serve clients throughout Florida, as well as locations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Through all of our growth and expansion, our team is proud to have retained our unmatched dedication to client support and building excellence, both hallmarks of our company from the beginning.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver excellence in building construction through innovative, collaborative, and trusting partnerships.

GCC Corporate History

GCC was founded in 1974 in Miami, Florida, and we have since expanded to offer premier commercial construction capabilities throughout the state of Florida. We have also successfully completed projects in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. While we consider our work in these international markets highly rewarding, GCC remains focused on our core business in South and Central Florida.

In 1991, GCC opened a new branch office in Winter Park, FL to enable our team to serve the Central Florida market. We quickly became one of the premier contractors in the area, adding to our outstanding existing presence in South Florida.

Today, GCC has a trusted reputation throughout Florida for our proven commitment to excellence, innovation, collaboration, and integrity. As we have carefully managed our expansion over the years, we have never lost focus on our construction fundamentals: “on time, within budget, and beyond our clients’ expectations.” The majority of our current projects represents repeat business and negotiated contracts, and we consider this customer loyalty to be proof of our quality work, the value we deliver, and our proven track record of success in construction.

At GCC, our team has the technical expertise and creativity needed to create the most innovative results for our clients. We’re pleased to take on the most logistically challenging and complex design projects, especially those our competitors would hesitate even to attempt. Our exceptional team combines seasoned construction experience with expertise in the very latest in construction and project management technology and techniques. This allows us to provide our clients with the most modern and cost-effective construction methods available. With capabilities ranging from construction management to design-build and beyond, we offer each client a truly customized approach to precisely suit their unique requirements.

With a diverse client base drawing equally from the public and private sectors, GCC has developed proven expertise in the vertical, aviation, hospitality, and specialty construction markets throughout our service area.