Gomez Construction Company (GCC)

Safety at GCC

At Gomez Construction Company (GCC), safety is far more than simply a “program” or something we do in addition to our work. Instead, we consider safety as an integral component to all of our projects. The core of our safety efforts is a three-pronged strategy that we use to ensure that every job site is a safe working environment and an accident-free zone.

  1. Training & Education
    Our approach to safety begins with a culture of training and ongoing education in the latest safety methods and proven procedures. We believe that our team’s safety education is the single most important and effective means for ensuring a safe workplace for our employees and everyone on our job sites. Our managers, supervisors, and tradesmen are carefully trained to identify and fix any unsafe conditions or work practices in the field.
  1. Zero Drug Tolerance Policy
    We also use our “zero drug tolerance” policy to create a drug-free workplace and ensure all members of our team are doing their best work at all times. We also take special care to drug test all new, non-contract employees, setting the tone for compliance with our drug policy from day one.
  1. A Clean & Orderly Workplace
    The final aspect of our approach to safety is to maintain a clean and orderly workplace at every job site. We require our teams to maintain model work environments, eliminating many factors that contribute to accidents using daily monitoring and cleanup. At GCC, we understand that the protection of our employees, the public, our clients’ property, and the environment is essential to every construction project’s efficient and successful completion. Every day, we work toward our company-wide goal of operating zero-accident job sites.